CopyOP – My review and experience with it.

Hello, my name is Nikos( I won’t tell you my last name because it sounds strange to english speaking people) and I’m writing this review to share with you my latest big experience in life. Maybe one of the most life changing ones I’ve had in the past 10 years or more.

Truth be told I’m lucky, if it wasn’t for a boring night some six months ago I wouldn’t be writing this article about how I make 10k to 100k per month. Pretty amazing sum am I right? Let’s start this CopyOp review and see how I made everything happen.

Now let’s start with the beginning, as you may have already noticed my name is Greek. I was born in Athens and grew up there, spent most of my years trying to make a living for myself but trust me it wasn’t easy. I have no higher education, all I had was a high school degree which as you may know doesn’t give you any insights on how to make money and survive in the real world. copyop review

Life hits you hard!

I’ve tried a lot of jobs and none of them seemed right for me, yeah I know I was picky but I’ve always tried to be happy with what I do. Anyway, after years of trying it hit me, maybe I should migrate like most of my friends did, to a better country where you have higher chances at a better life. Especially since the crisis hit my country harder than most as you all may know Greece isn’t doing so well. Besides politics which I don’t want to get in to, things are really bad.

I managed to gather some money and moved to London where I’ve been living for the last 5 years with my family. I can’t say I managed to make a lot of money here either to be honest I thought it would be easier. Getting rich requires more than hard work and most people know this, it requires that starting sum which will help you invest and start a business. copyop review

Is opportunity a major key?

These days having that opportunity isn’t much of a help either considering all that’s been going on with the immigrants and the terrorists attacks, most people are afraid to get out the door and go about their lives. But more about the money making right? More about Copyop.

I know there are some of you who have already heard about binary options and others who have no idea about it. I will try to cover as much as I can and make sense although it will take some time until you get familiarized with the system. So, trading with binary options is not an easy task if you ask me.

To be honest most experts in the domain, people that have been working in the financial world for years, can’t always get it right and some can even go broke if they’re not careful. So how did I, a person with no higher education and no clue about binary options managed to make money from it?

CopyOP is the next big thing!

The answer is simple, I started using a bot and more specifically the Copyop bot which I accidentally stumbled upon while on Google. I saw an ad about it and I thought “what the hell, why not at least read about it”. To my surprise I found out later on from personal experience that Copyop is not a scam. copyop review

Yes I know what most of you are thinking and I first I had my doubts too but in the end it turned out to be alright. This amazing tool will help you the same way it did with me, all you have to do is create an account and try it out. Since it’s free of charge you got nothing to lose and did I mention they got a demo account too? Yes you can actually try it out without investing money and see how well you can do.

Now remember how I mentioned that it is hard to win money with binary options but this software will help? What is this software really and how does it make your life easier? Why is trading in the financial world hard in the first place? I know I know, so many questions running through your head right now but have a little patience and I’ll try to explain everything.

Binary options is a difficult task

First of all trading with binary options is a difficult task because they are affected by a lot of variables and the global markets are always shifting on way or the other. Keeping track of all that live and raw information would take more than a human brain to achieve. You need to know everything there is to about the reasons the market changes, how it is affected, by what and when. These things take time to understand let alone use in a trade. This is where the CopyOP comes in to play, this is where it shines and helps you with all of your shortcomings.01

Because it’s called copy, well you have to copy something, what is it? The name contains also 2 initials OP and that stands for other people. This is crazy you might say, why would you want to copy others. Well think about it, the chance of someone more experienced than you at binary options might be using this software right at this moment is very high, so if he wins, wouldn’t you want to win to? I’m sure you would want to.

So this is the most amazing feature of CopyOP, the fact that you can copy others. You can chose to copy each and every trade a particular trader makes, and when this trader wins, you win. Also you can just follow him, and by doing so you can study his every trade and learn from his winnings and mistakes.

Sounds amazing right? This is how CopyOP stands in front of all other trading software. This is trully a revolutionary piece of technology and I’m lucky I took the chance and tried it out. You can do it too and trust me you won’t regret it. In the last couple of months I’ve been trading it has been going better and better, simply by following the best traders. copyop

My first month got me 5k, not a bad amount for a beginner, right?

As time passed by I managed get a better grasp of the entire concept and got better at filtering the lucky traders from the true professionals. Now I make as I said between 10 and 100k a month depending on the number of traders I copy.10 spotsTo this day I keep visiting my home country, I love that place, I was born there and I will retire there, something I owe to Copyop. Even though it’s going bad I’m sure eventually Greece will get back on her feet because in her heart there are good and loving people.